There is a Little House at a Cabin Somewhere in Maine

At the Cabin Somewhere in Maine there is also a Little House.

Little houses can be just as important as cabins or even big houses.


The Little House sits on a mound of earth at the edge of the field.

You go to little houses for necessity.


You will go to little houses, even at night, even through wet grass, even through rain, sleet or snow.


That opening at the roof gable. Imagine a stained glass window there.

The Little House at the cabin somewhere in Maine has a dutch door with a handmade latch.

The handle to the door is made from a curved section of a branch.


If you’ve ever looked for one of these natural handles, you know it’s not easy to find the right curve in the right sized branch. In fact it’s surprisingly difficult. The last such handles I made took two hours to find.

In this interior view, you can see the rafters. They’re made of unpeeled saplings.


This little house must be an eco-facility, because the seat is green.

The seat has history. It originally came from an old Martha’s Vineyard outhouse. There’s more to this seat story, but I don’t have it yet…stay tuned.


Each hole at one time had a cover. Right now, the cover for the right hand hole is on the porch at the cabin, waiting repair. The left hand cover covers a smaller hole, for smaller people, who have smaller rear ends. A too-large outhouse hole is a terrifying thing.

No one had used the outhouse since last winter.

Except some spiders.

Time flies when you’re having fun.

Or should that be “It’s a fun time when you’re having flies.”?


When was the last time you saw such a well-crafted seat? This seat is made of wood about 1 1/4″ thick. Notice the carefully worked curve of the edge of the hole. Then remember that this quality craftsmanship was accomplished with hand tools only.

Looking out of the Little House.


To finish, to flush, as it were, we leave you with a throne’s-eye view of the mighty rafters.

Do you believe in the here rafter?


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