Beauty in the Bathroom

We have some friends nearby who have one of the most beautiful bathrooms in the world.

Every time I use this bathroom I admire it.

The last time I used it, I stole some photos.

Don’t tell anyone, OK?

It’s an old bathroom, as bathrooms go.

This bathroom has more history, more charm, more interest, and more soul than just about any bathroom you’ll ever see.

I could post tens of photographs, and write thousands of words about this bathroom, but for now must be content to offer but five images and a few hundred words.

Why such paucity of word and picture? Well, I’m about to go on a fishing trip with an old friend, and need to finish packing. We’ll be away from electricity and conveniences, so don’t expect new posts here at the ‘pile for a week or so.

Montaigne revisited his essays over the years, revising heavily. I hope to revisit this bathroom in the future.

Here is the “business end” of the bathtub.


There are stories in these runs, fittings, and shutoffs. You’ll have to wait until later to read them.

Our viewpoint will now rise to include the faucets.


The quality and form of these old fittings are stunning, when compared to today’s “wham bam thankyou ma’am work.

We rise higher, and peep over the rim of the tub. Such symmetry.


HOT and COLD, told to you with black on white porcelain insets.

Tub paraphernalia. A shiny metal wire loopover soap and plug holder.


When was the last time you used a real, white rubber drain plug?

From our vantage point at the tub, we look over to a cast iron, white enameled basin.


Isn’t the translucent green soap dish an inspired addition?

Hasta luego, amigos.

2 responses to “Beauty in the Bathroom

  1. Thank you for bring this to the world, Tom! The soap dish: is it glass, or plastic?

  2. Glass, I think. Will check to be sure the next time I’m there. Not sure when that will be. Summer’s busy around here. But I’ve scheduled a revisit for a photoshoot there “sometime” next fall.

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