The Crime Scene

Where are they?

They’re not where they usually are.

Not where they’re supposed to be.

You know the bookshelf where field guides and nature books are kept?

It’s empty!


OK, Buster, have you seen the books?


“I putted them here…it’s ‘The Library’!

There the books are.

Laid out in rows.


Books. Right next to the books you can see rumpled maroon sheets and a rumpled blue blanket. Those are signs of “book activity”.

Along the edge of the window seat are some of the books a nature-interested child might have read back in the 1950’s.


Now the grandson does the same.


3 responses to “The Crime Scene

  1. I have and love those editions of nature guide… read them in the 60’s and you are documenting the kind of ‘crime’
    we should encourage!

    • Hi, Lizzy! When I read this installment of The Tompost Pile, I wondered if our copies of these books were still in existence. I’m glad to know they are, and that you, too, are in favor of such crimes for and not against nature and children. Ironic that this time, I did something I almost never do, but I read Tom’s post from a link on facebook, and commented there too, while you were reading and commenting right here. Some crimes should be rewarded.

  2. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d go to look something up. Pretty soon I’d be sitting on the living-room rug with several volumes of the encyclopedia open around me and probably a couple other books too. I’d do the same thing with the dictionary: a word would catch my eye and lead to another word and another and another, and I’d forget what word I’d meant to look up in the first place. It’s the one thing I really dislike about online references: it’s too easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, so one thing can’t lead to another in quite the same way. They don’t have the heft of print dictionaries and encyclopedias either.

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