Moving Day in Woods Hole

Every spring, the houseboat village of Woods Hole moves from Eel Pond winter quarters to the outer harbor, to an area near Penzance Point.

I was walking to the ferry when I noticed that it was moving day.

You don’t see houseboats moving very often.

There was a choice: miss the ferry and get a photo of a house going through a drawbridge, or make the boat and get a sequence of the rest of the move.

Did I mention that my wife was waiting for me?

The ferry won.

From the deck there was a fine view of the shift to summer quarters.


Coming out of the Eel Pond channel, going by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution dock.


Pass the Atlantis and head on out.


The pace is slow, but the journey is short.


Nearing the flotilla. You couldn’t really call it a fleet.


Some houseboats are more equal than others.


Preparing to moor.


Making fast.


Another view of the flotilla.

There are still more houseboats in Eel Pond, but most have now made their annual move. The mansions of Penzance Point loom above them. Those great “piles” of the wealthy are much fancier, and are orders of magnitude larger, than these baby barges.

I know which I prefer.

I’d rather fall asleep  to the sound of lapping waves on one of these houseboats, on an old canvas cot, with an old army blanket for cover, than to doze off under satin in a mansion.

3 responses to “Moving Day in Woods Hole

  1. These pictures are great and you made the right choice. I have never seen moving day of the house boats, but I have made the wrong choice regarding my husband, and photographs help tell a story sometimes better than mere words. If you time things well, you may see the reverse move later in the year, perhaps in the company of your wife.

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