Tra-La, Or, A Bouquet

Not many words today.

But a bouquet for you, of April flowers.


Amelanchier bud. Many call this “Shadbush” or “Shadblow”, but the correct name to call this when on Martha’s Vineyard? Wild pear.


Dandelions are abloom in sheltered places. You can now find hundreds of blooms on a sunny day. In a week or so, you’ll be able to find thousands, and a week or so after that, by the hundreds of thousands or millions. Then will come puffy white seed heads, and seeds by the billions and trillions.


Grape hyacinth. The little white frill at the base of the open florets is a nice touch. Congratulations to the designer!

Daffodils are nearing peak. This year’s cool spring has brought a long-lasting period of bloom.


The old-fashioned yellow daff.


Pink-trumpeted daffodils.

Tiny flowers are nice, too.


In this photo, the leaf and flowers of this claytonia are much larger than actual size.

When evening shadows fall, the anenome seems to close almost instantly.


From a clump of anenome at the base of an oak tree in the yard. If anenomes don’t have to fight too hard with grass roots, they spread nicely.

3 responses to “Tra-La, Or, A Bouquet

  1. I always wondered about the Wild Pear- what it was. It’s great when it blooms- thanks T

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