Horizontal Slices

Fiddling around with my pictures the other day, I found myself taking horizontal slices from some of my photos.

A fallen twig, with lichen “skyline”.


The screen door on a rainy summer’s day.

Each water-filled square becomes a lens, with its own “take” on the scene outside.


How about the pattern on the son-in-law’s shirt?


The shirt’s pattern is echoed by the pattern in his car’s taillights.


Growth rings in decking planks, made from Southern yellow pine. One of those boards shows nineteen annual growth rings. Another one shows but four. The land they grew on probably once grew cotton.


Lastly, a butt-end of a piece of wood from the woodshed. Pretty nearly sixty years passed in the making of this chunk of wood. The arcing gouges were made by passing teeth as they zipped around the curved tip of the bar of the chainsaw.


For some really amazing chainsaw work, plus craftsmanship and artistry on a large scale, let me suggest you go to the link below, and watch the short video on the making of Japanese ceremonial drums.

By way of introduction, the piece is from a series called “THE MAKING”. They are from the Japan Science and Technology Agency website. Sometimes my online connection to these videos is erratic, and they don’t always stream very well. Apologies in advance if, wherever you are, you have trouble viewing.


Apologies are also due if you get hooked on watching these little “shorts”.

You have been warned.

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