Last Weeka March at Wishetwurra Farm

The April Wishetwurra Farm report will come next week, but here’s a preview, from the last week of March.

Up on the roof. Happy lichen eats the shingles.


From the Goat Barn ladder-aerie: snow is gone! The dirt is warming…


I’ve done some tilling.


The Broccoli Diver has kicked up her heels.IMG_7380

The garlic knows the season has turned, and new leaves are appearing.


The leeks know, too, and we’ve got lots of leeks left to eat.

Leeks in the soil are money in the bank.


Rhubarb buds break forth.


In the greenhouse, we’re cutting salad greens. Below, scissors snip claytonia.


Daffodils buds are splitting sheaths, but we’re still a couple of weeks from peak bloom.


The early daffs, like this old-fashioned double, are happy to dare the air.


Stay tuned!


2 responses to “Last Weeka March at Wishetwurra Farm

  1. Hi! daffs a abloom, not all, ‘cuz I have some early and some later ones. JOY! That means is buddleia cutting time. And force some forsythia…’tho, I wager,it won’t take much forcing. Maybe just a slight nudge, a suggestion. Wonderful time of the year!

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