Farewell, Friend.

Death comes to us all.

Last fall, a friend died instantaneously and unexpectedly.

He died way,way too soon for those of us who are still here.

Tonight, there was a memorial service in his honor. With old friends, new friends, with old people, and with babies too young to have ever known him.

After the memorial service at our local Agricultural Society Hall we had a potluck supper. Then there was music, with two long-time local bands playing. Many of the musicians have known and played music with each other for forty or fifty years. That makes for good music.

It was a good night to walk the mile home.

Starry starry night.


Orion cartwheeled over an old house.


We’ve visited here in daytime photographs.


I walked up the driveway and took a few more photos.


They’re fifteen second exposures, and I’ve had to work on the images a little bit more, to get them to be “readable”.


A Greek Revival house like this one is an iconic American dwelling.


What a beautiful night.

Farewell, friend.

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