Spring Snow Unexpectedly Heavy

Two days ago, weather reports suggested we might have a trace to a half an inch of snow last night.

Yesterday evening at sunset, predictions were that we might get two to four inches.

Near midnight, the possible snow total was raised to five to six inches.

A weather event had “blown up” and nailed us. Here’s a still from an infrared satellite image loop of that time period.


Thank you, University of Washington, for your excellent weather pages. If you like “this sort of thing”, here’s a link: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/~ovens/loops/

We woke to see almost eight inches of snow on our deck.


That’s what the tape measure said.


There’s nothing like an unexpected spring snow.

In some ways it’s a pain.

You have to shovel the driveway.



Shoveling snow has a rhythm track, as the blade of your tool slides back and forth on the paved surface. If you synchronize your breath with that rhythm it makes your work a kind of yoga. Would that be called  “Snowga”?

The snow is beautiful on the trees, bushes, and brambles.


This morning’s outing to clear the road brought a special treat…getting to see an otter slide in the bottomland near the Tiasquam River.


In the compressed snow of the slide were some nice, strong tracks of otter feet.


The local flock of feral turkeys passed through.


You can’t really call them wild turkeys, they’re just too easy around people.

I don’t  know why, but often, a snowstorm will depart at dawn, or soon afterwards. Clearing usually comes from the west, so the blue sky comes to meet the sun.


Looking to the northwest


Looking to the southeast. Here comes the sun.

Sun glints off dormer windows.


This day will be one of brilliant blue sky, strong sun, and quickly melting snow.

On the way home, I stopped by the house I grew up in, where my daughter and her family are living now.


And got the enjoy the grandfatherly pleasure of seeing a certain small boy and his baby brother look out a a new-white world.

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