Some Unnatural Inclusions, and then, Lambert’s Cove Duneforms

Our last post was of exposed inclusions in the sands of Lambert’s Cove Beach.

Not all the inclusions were rocks, or natural materials.

There was plastic — here, a container top.


And plastic twine, or perhaps this was just a shred of something.


But to return to the forms in the sand. The erosion in the thin sand strata of the dunes yields what, in extreme miniature, looks like the grand-scale landscapes of the North American West. We are reminded of how forms in nature repeat themselves.

Or might that be, repeat “theme selves”?

Dendritic patterns of electrical discharges or microscopic fungal growths repeat themselves in the very roots for which these patterns are named. On grander scales these patterns repeat in stream and river deltas.

The Grand Canyon is larger than some USA States.

In the dunes of Lambert’s Cove, the cliffs and layers of the Grand Canyon may also be seen, but they are orders of magnitude smaller.



IMG_7075 IMG_7078

Wind and rain erode.


Sand grains fall to “cliff base”.


The photo above is about twice actual size.

Below, bringing us to a clearer realization of the “true” scales involved in these photos, we see beach grass, and the arcing markings made by the motion of its leaf tips in the sand.


There will be more to come from Lambert’s Cove.

4 responses to “Some Unnatural Inclusions, and then, Lambert’s Cove Duneforms

  1. I enjoy seeing things through your camera… and learning new things as well. Thank you.

  2. West Coast version on an Oregon beach — a long, flat plain sloping gently to the edge of the water.
    New-made Mesa

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