Lambert’s Cove Inclusions

Today dawned clear, and as the hours progressed, the sky hazed, then whitened, then grayed, as clouds presaging stormy weather moved up from the south.

As I walked the path into Lambert’s Cove Beach, there were still shadows, but haze was turning to white.

I was grateful that winter gives us the freedom of walking where we cannot easily go in the summer time.


In summer, scores of pairs of shoes and sandals will line the side of the path along the fence line.

Lambert’s Cove is almost always a gentle beach, as it’s sheltered from most directions.


Only the strongest storms and tides can effect the shore here. This fall and winter, we have had those storms and tides. Along the length of the beach, at the foot of the dunes, is now a sudden shelf, made by the cutting of storm waves.

If you look at the shelf, you can see layer after layer of sand, sand deposited years ago.


From up close, these layers repeat in miniature forms one can see in our western US deserts.



In these layers of sand are inclusions. Things that found their way to the sand layers as they were building up. Now they have been laid bare by the excising scalpel of wave action. Pieces, of stuff, of root, wrack, and rock are now to be seen.

Here is a collection of these rocks and pebbles.







There was a lot to be seen on today’s short walk.

Too much to put in one post.

More will come.

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