Spring Signs

Signs are springing. Look up, look down, changes are there. Up in the air are tunes of avian arrivals. Worm castings hint of reviving life underground.

First ospreys are here.

Look out, fish!

Look up, and elm branches have swelling buds. The trees don’t yet look all that different from a month or two ago, yet somehow they seem more defined.


Look up. At the corner of Main Street and Drummer Lane, Vineyard Haven, MA.

Look up.

There’s a red maple.


At the corner of Main Street and Union Street, Vineyard Haven, MA.

Look up, more closely.

That red maple is in bloom!


Red maple flowers.

Look down.

At the edge of a stone wall, moss, chickweed and shamrock colors strengthen.


Look down.

Leaves and twigs, fall fallen, can’t cover up uplifting croci.


Look down.

Winter-weary leaves curl and sag, while early daffs shoot skyward.





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