Lucy and the Blueberry

We go back to Lucy (Vincent Beach).

The gentleman in the photo below had just spent three hours poking around the erose cliffs of Lucy Vincent Beach, looking for shark teeth. There are a lot of teeth to be found, along with bits of cartilage and bone, in those cliffs. Some folks just love to find them, and will go out in all kinds of weather for a teeth “fix”.

In the middle near ground of the photo you’ll notice a bent-over bush. An ancient blueberry. Last year at this time it was growing among grassy soil. Storm Sandy came and changed all that. Sandy scrubbed this area down to the old peat layer, and subsequent wind and storm has covered the area with sand. This old bush does not have too many years left.


These venerable berry bushes may be found throughout the Vineyard. They persist for years.


A blueberry bush as thick of stem as this one is an old, old bush. I guess that at minimum, it’s a hundred years old. They live such a long time, so it’s hardly surprising that they should get gnarly after fifty or a hundred years of exposure to wind and weather.

It would be a sin to cut open one of these blueberries while it is still living, but one of these days I’ll find one of these bushes that’s been completely uprooted, or all the way dead. Then I’ll cut a section of the trunk near the base, polish it down with really fine grit sandpapers, and count the growth rings to see how old it actually is.

When that happens, you’ll get a report.

I couldn’t resist fooling with another one of these images.


3 responses to “Lucy and the Blueberry

  1. Pull it when it’s uprooted, prune it down, and plant it at Wishitwurra Farm.

  2. Since this is on the Chilmark Town Beach, it would probably take a year or two of appearing before various boards, filing environmental impact statements, and so on, before anyone could touch this blueberry. And what Chilmark person in their right mind would let someone from West Tisbury take a Chilmark blueberry bush? A foreigner???? Forget about it. By the time you got your permits it would be gone anyway. Not to mention that Wishetwurra Farm already has blueberry bushes, both wild and cultivated, by the dozens.

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