Lucy’s Erosion

Lucy Vincent Beach, Chilmark, Massachusetts.


A good place to walk, in the off-season.


Come summer, you’ll only be able to come here with a Chilmark Town Beach sticker on your car. But for now, while the fat cats are away, anyone can come to play. When they come back next summer, they’ll be disoriented on first visit, for the this fall and winter “their” beach has changed almost beyond recognition. What was a solid cliff is now greatly diminished.


What’s left is cracked and erose.


For the last month or so, this crack has been ever so slowly enlarging. Sooner or later, collapse will come.


What was a small notch after Superstorm Sandy has become a large gap.


Martina, the Guardian and Caretaker of the beach, says the (altered) photo below reminds her of something.



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