The Funs of Grandsons

There are a half dozen new boys in my family. They are my grandsons, plus a grand-nephew, and are the sons of three daughters, a stepdaughter, and a niece. At this moment in time, their ages are four, three, two, two, two, and one. What a clutch of cousins. Is there an official word for a group of cousins?

I recently visited two of these grandsons, and like any properly doting grandpa, am going to share my pictures with you.

I shall be kind, for you will see only a septet of the three hundred photographs taken.

Two (he’s an “old” two) zips up the stairs now.


They love to play with their Pa.


In which Two attempts to remove the mustache of the grandfather.



What’s in the (toy) box


Boys like bug books.

Remember the tongue-twister: “Black bugs bleed blue blood.”?


Time for everyone to go.

I want to open the door.

No, I want to open the door.


And they’re off to the outside.


See you around…..

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