Good Morning! Or, What Can You See Around Dawn, In Eleven minutes and Eight Seconds?

Coming to consciousness in the half-light of dawn.


I get up to try to catch the sunrise  colors.

This morning Miss Eos is not at her most spectacular. Spectacular is more likely when there are a few clouds, or when the weather is changing.

It’s still nice though.

Rising with the sun feels good.

The old Mexican critters on the window shelf begin to stir.


And soon they celebrate the new day.


Get the tea-water going.


A quarter inch of snow fell in the night.

We’re six weeks past the solstice. Sunrise was at 6:51AM today. Sunset will be at 5:03PM. The day’s length will be ten hours and twelve minutes. This day will be two minutes longer than yesterday. In Oslo, Norway, today’s eight hours and twenty-one minutes of daylight is over five minutes more than yesterday’s.

Now that our New England days are longer than ten hours, plant life begins to really stir anytime the temperature is above freezing.

Over at Wishetwurra Farm, the spinach seed planted last December 27th has emerged.



Would you look at that circle. What made it?

Every day, the boundary between ice and open water shifts.


Shapes on Oyster Pond.


Sinuosities at the edge of water and ice.

Over the far side of the pond, a flock of about fifty crows is on the move.


These are probably “commuter crows”. There is a fairly large crow population that spends the night on Martha’s Vineyard. The fly over to the Cape at dawn, to spend the day on the Mainland. One theory for this arrangement is that more food is available on the Cape, and that it’s safer sleeping on the Vineyard. Hence the commute. In the evening you can see the birds returning home, some singly, some in flocks.

Day is here.

It’s time to go draw a moth.

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