Friday Olio


Not a butter substitute, but a miscellany.

A quick quintuplet of interesting images that haven’t so far found a place in any other group.

As always, there’s a story behind every image.


About three inches wide. Imaginary scene, carved into a chunk of pine tree bark. Custom-carved by a young Mexican, in San Miguel de Allende, many years ago. My wife was approached by some small young girls, who were selling these little carving. She said she loved them, bought some, but said she’d really love to have one with a church in it. “Oh, my brother will make you one!”, they said. The next day they came back with this cute little rustic cathedral.




During the snowfall of a few nights ago, the bricks were still “warm” with earth heat, and were melting the flakes as they fell. There was sand in the joints between the bricks. Air is trapped between the sand particles, and acts as insulation, meaning that the gaps were below freezing temperature. Which meant that the snow accumulated on the joints only. Photographed in the raking light of an inset walkway lamp.


Waiting for the ferry departure as clouds move in. An atmospheric and somewhat spooky image. Rain came the next day.


Beech tree roots at Cedar Tree Neck. Exposed beech tree roots develop bark similar to beech tree trunk bark. See how tightly knit these trees are to the earth. On cutbanks in England, knit beech roots sometimes cover large areas on the sides of paths and roads. An ancient beech tree is a beautiful plant.



We’ll finish with a look to the east, at dawn, from the front door.

The tompostpile has received its twelve thousandth visit.

Thanks to all who come, especially to those who have left contributory and interesting comments.

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