Winter’s seesaw.

Today is sunny. Midday temperatures are forecast to be in the fifties.

In forty-eight hours, we expect nighttime temperatures in the single digits.

In the midst of this seesawing bloom a harbingers of spring.

The snowdrops.

Yesterday morning snowdrops were emerging from a light snowfall.


Cold and snow will freeze them solid, will knock them down.


But they always seem to bounce back after each bout with winter.


In another four to six weeks, these few early flowers will be joined by thousands of their companions.

On a good warm day, their scent will be strongly present.

The sound of honeybees, taking a first spring meal, will season the air.

3 responses to “Snowdrops

  1. Wow – I haven’t even seen snowdrops in Atlanta yet, though I haven’t looked in a certain spot I know. We do have our first daffodil in the yard, though, and various and sundry blossoms of the early variety popping out in the neighborhood.

  2. Those are beautiful flowers. Great photos. I think we have those flowers around where I live but I’ve never seen them. Next time it snows I’ll have to watch out for them.

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