Sticker Shock, or, Inside a Trunk: A Grand Tour of Asia.

There is a trunk at the Martha’s Vineyard Community Services Thrift Shop on Chicken Alley in downtown Vineyard Haven. Today it serves as a display container for old picture frames. The inside lid of the trunk is what might catch your eye. For there is an almost solid expanse of overlapping old hotel labels, souvenirs from someone’s Grand Tour of Asia about a century ago. These labels show an incredible trip, one which probably took months.

This is a post that will be edited and added to over time, as information comes to light. Various citations and links will appear with the photos. If you have any knowledge of any of these hotels, please add them in the comments section.


The trunk, in its Thrift Shop location.

Here is a selection of individual labels. More to come.

More commentary to come.


For an old photo of the Toegoe, go to: place is still standing: see:
One of my daughter’s friends has recently been to Djojacarta. And to many other places in Indonesia. Nowadays the spelling is different. It’s “Yogyakarta”. 

I think I’m going to find a map, and put pins in the hotel locations.


What one might have seen from a Woodlands Hotel window:


Still going strong.

From the Japan part of the Tour.


I don’t know if the “tea house” on the old card is the Lakeside Hotel, but the link takes you not only to an image, but to some pages of a 1907btravel journal from the Chuzenji area.

Bon voyage!!!

One response to “Sticker Shock, or, Inside a Trunk: A Grand Tour of Asia.

  1. The Raffles is famous as one of the great British colonial hotels which fell into disrepair and possibly a bit of seediness and thus attracting and allowing the budget traveler to stay in a renowned hotel. It was under these circumstances that I visited it in 1989 only to find that it was closed and under extensive renovation apparently to bring it back to its former glory. At least that’s the way I remember it.

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