Scenes from a Downton Abbey Premiere

A chance encounter at the Woods Hole “Toast the Coast” event on New Year’s Day gave us tickets to an early premiere of “Downton Abbey”, sponsored by our local PBS radio station, WCAI.


The chance encounter was with this young lad’s dad.

I’m not much for teevee watching of any sort, and I’d never even seen the show  before —but was told I’d like it. The chance to see the inside of the new movie theater was an attraction. The opportunity for novelty and for people-watching was irresistible.

People streamed in.


The person going up the stairs reminds me of DuChamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase”. (Except for the clothes, and the going upstairs part.)

The theatre is brand-new.


The seats are incredibly comfy. They recline, and move back and forth. Sitting in them, you might think you were on some hammock-cloud hybrid.


The lighting was dramatic.


Move on in, sit yourself down…


Let the show begin…


4 responses to “Scenes from a Downton Abbey Premiere

    • Now that you mention it, there were interesting things to be seen on the screen, as well as in the theater. I’ll probably never be a teevee junkie again, but if I had the opportunity, I might watch the previous two seasons, and continue with this one.

  1. You can get seasons 1 and 2 at the library, which has been the way we watched it. Of course, now that we are hooked into the melodr. . . er. . . story, we may be tuning in on Sunday evenings, instead of waiting until it comes out on DVD.

  2. I can’t beieve you got into that event – we wanted to go soooo badly – you had good karma – anyway, we did get out the projector and watched it wide screen at home. I have watched every episode multiple times.

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