Is being exposed.


West Tisbury is thawing out after the first snow and the first cold spell of the winter.


Here, we look north across the Town Hall (Old School) Playground, towards Music Street. At one time the treescape here was dominated by towering elms. Now it’s mainly maples. The elms are all gone now, killed by the blight.

For amusement, while waiting for my companion, I had stuck my camera into a clump of grass, and made some “blind” exposures.


The resulting shots made me think of more grasses, specifically, of a patch of giant grass down the street.


Maybe twenty years ago, Tim Maley planted some in his front field.

You can’t see his house from Music Street any more.

That bamboo is now a solid wall along the edge of the street.


Along his driveway, looking in, the stems are thickly massed.


If you bull your way in, and look up, the sight is glorious.


In the shot below, we look through a few stems, across the street to the Bird’s field beyond, across the Tiasquam valley, to the woods of Mill Hill in the far distance.


Low winter sun glints, blazes, sends colors into squinting eyes.


It can be like stained glass windows in there…



Beautiful bamboo.

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