New Year’s Day in Woods Hole. More Coast Toast: Details.

When you move past the overview, go past the broad-brush, and start to look at details, what you can see expands. You can find yourself suddenly woven into a scene you thought you were just observing.

If you want to know something, just ask a local.

Or listen to them as they talk to each other.

There was a luna moth in the procession. She took her wings off later, and gave them to her mother. “They’re too tight around my shoulders.”, she said.


This Red Hair is a friend of Little Bear.

There are a lot of different hats in the world, both metaphorical and literally.

Except for group-costume hats, there were no two hats the same to be seen.


In the last post, we saw Janoah the Juggler atop his six foot tall unicycle. Here we see a close-up of his concentration. Note to eyes: your peripheral vision is not some second-class act to follow your fovea’s precise attention to a center of focus…


The hobbyhorse is complete with carven tooth and working jaws.

Don’t let that critter get in close behind you!


The whole world was in these hands.


A “rolling” Moss gathers no stones. (But can toot a kazoo.)


You might pause a moment to notice details in this photo. (Nifty house alert.)

Nearing the sundial monument, and the edge of the harbor, the Horn Dancers gather for another “Abbots Bromley” ritual clash of antlers.


Over in an eddy of the crowd, a young woman shares with friends the happy, brand-new news of her engagement to be married.


The wearer of the gloves, who is admiring the stone, has known the young woman since she was as brand-new as the ring she’s now wearing.

Speaking of stones, it has been estimated that there are seven quintillion, five hundred quadrillion grains of sand in the world.  And yet, there are many more stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on our entire planet. If any single one of our terran grains of sand could talk, and could tell its story, you might spend an entire afternoon at the beach listening to the saga of but one little mote.

It’s cold out there in the universe, out there between the stars.

Let’s take our starry eyes into the Community Hall, warm up, and get something to eat and drink.


Revelers enter the hall.

The dragons waited patiently in a corner.


They had a little bit of dragontalk with each other.

I’d tell you what they said, but I don’t speak dragonese.


But I can tell you that dragons like a snack just as much as you or I do.


(Legal notice: No humans were mistreated or harmed in the production of this blogpost.)

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