A Half-Dozen of Waves

Calm or stormy, serene or furious, Black Point Beach is always an elemental place. A good place to go to be reminded that our “Earth” is mostly water. Add atmosphere, mix in temperature differentials, dot with land masses, stir with planetary rotation, and you get weather. All kinds of weather. All that weather stirs up the water. Around and around.


After a storm, swells arrive from out on the ocean. Sometimes storm waves persist for days.


Often, after a blow, the wind direction will shift from onshore to offshore. The air then catches the tops of the waves, and throws the spray back out to sea.


When the wind comes from the northwest through the northeast, you can shelter yourself on the lee side of the dunes. Even on the rawest and windiest of days. If it’s a sunny day, the dune-lee can be quite comfortable.


As they near shore, waves feel the bottom, rise up, and fall over themselves.


Power, sound, and motion.


3 responses to “A Half-Dozen of Waves

  1. I miss seeing this side of the island. It is somehow a very solitary feeling when you’re there. Thanks for the pics. Awesome as always.

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