Holiday Close-ups

My photographer friend Emily says a bit of red is a nice touch in an image. A certain small lad’s chubby toddlerfeet were boasting crimson accents. The camera was handy.

Dot did T's toes!

Dot did T’s toes!

Over on the holiday dinner table, details beckoned.

The dessert fork

The dessert fork.

The pie was delicious, by the way.

Next to the empty pie plate, the water glass was a lens.

Candles through a water glass

Candle flames through a water glass

Under the tree, a plastic caterpillar rested on the new dollhouse.

What species of caterpillar?

Identifying caterpillars can be confusing. Fortunately, I have a friend at the Smithsonian who is good at coming up with the names of critters. His response to my “What is this?” question? “That is Anthropomorphia stimulans, the Mysteriously Human-faced Tickle caterpillar. Also known as the Chimeric Winder (with adult butterfly antennae).”

On the mantel, jingle shells (toenail shells) gleam translucently.

Jingle shells (toenail shells)

Jingle Shells. Another name for the Jingle Shell is “Mermaid’s Toenails.” (Anomia ephippium.)

There were zoomable sights outdoors.

Cedar Waxwings near the Trunk River

Cedar Waxwings (Bombycilla cedrorum) near the Trunk River. During courtship, a pair may pass a flower petal or insect back and forth repeatedly.

At a nearby beach, on Vineyard Sound, Christmas Eve Day “waves” were but wavelets.

Vineyard Sound Wavelet

Vineyard Sound Wavelet

And in the Trunk River, an oyster shell framed by pebbles gleamed white.

Oyster shell in the Trunk River

The uneven surface of the moving water gives this image a slightly distorted but painterly quality.

2 responses to “Holiday Close-ups

  1. The image of the waxwings turned out especially nice. The 7:00 ish boats are cancelled. I guess they’re going boat by boat OR maybe they’re the only ones cancelled.

  2. I love the “painterly” shell and stones! I love that my days are enriched by your words and images.

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