A Freshly Pressed “Thank You”.

Thank you for taking notice of this little blog on the “Freshly Pressed” page.

I didn’t even know such a page existed until “heads-up” email arrived from WordPress, letting me know that the “What Can You See in Fifty-Five Minutes and Thirty Seconds” post had been noticed.

More people have visited thetompostpile in the last two days than in the previous two months.

So, thank you, to everyone who has recently visited this site for the first time.

Thanks if you’ve signed up for email notification of posts.

Who knows what’s down the path….


Thank you one more time….


4 responses to “A Freshly Pressed “Thank You”.

  1. Hopefully, as we traverse down the path with you, there will be more amazing images of your local nature (much more beautiful than the nature where I live now), and more of your gentle — if implied — wisdom on stewardship. I admit, I saw this through FP, but I immediately fell in love with the blog! It reminds me of my first home. Of the Quaker-based high school I payed my way through, with 300 acres of pristine farm and woodland. Of a quiet pond near my second home, where I would go and ponder the ordeals of being a grown-up teenager.
    You deserve the FP, as far as I’m concerned. I wish, almost, that you were my grandfather! Hope that doesn’t sound creepy….

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