Four Views of an Old Chimney

Seen from the water, an old house hides behind a ridge.

The chimney has been stuccoed and patched. A center chimney that size will have multiple flues, for multiple fireplaces.

The ridge sags a little, showing its age.

The old fields have patches of little bluestem “poverty grass”, into which invade huckleberry,blueberry, bayberry, wild cherry and briar. Here and there an oak has taken hold. The sheep are gone since the coyotes have moved in, and unless there are some cleansing fires, this view will be obscured in ten or twenty years more.

A few months later, I took another photo of this place on a foggy January afternoon, and received a lesson in one of the capabilities of photography.

The capability of photography to act as a “witness”.

A photograph can capture in full detail a moment in time, and afterwards, allow re-inspection of that moment.


When the photo was downloaded, I noticed the man working on the roof.

Did I see him while I was taking the photos?



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