Enough people in the arena have put their thumbs up.

The ‘pile will continue.

With a transfusion of dollars to WordPress, thetompostpile has enough room for the foreseeable future.

Two days ago, the eight thousandth visitor came and went.

People from eighty-five countries have visited.

How does someone get to thetompostpile from Mongolia?

I don’t know.

Hey, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay, where are you?

The nice young tech from ComCast seems to have fixed our connectivity problem.

You need to plug it in, sir!

We’ll have more posts and pictures soon.


2 responses to “Re-Birth

  1. Most excellent! I can tell you how Mongolia gotcha but that would take up more space than the ‘pile has got to spare at the moment.
    Someday I hope to make a decent, un-fuzzy reproduction of a Polaroid photo from 1987 which depicts the errant Mongolian in question cuddling up to his “Uncle Tom” somewhere along the oaken flats of West Tisbury. You shall get the first good copy.

    The aforementioned Vineyardian-Mongol was but 6 months old at the time. His “uncle” was somewhat older and always will be. Much the wiser, too. Excellent decision, Mr. Hodgson! Now that I’ve rememberd my old WordPress password I’ll thumb you up more often.
    X0- MM

  2. Remember, O Mari, if you have not done so already, that you may receive email notices of ‘pile posts. Sincerely, Thumb Hotzone, Marketing Director, thetompostpile.

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