Cookie-Cutter Development

Just before Thanksgiving, the  Cape Cod Waldorf School has an annual Christmas Faire. For this event, the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra, with whom I play guitar, every year donates a few hours of music. We are fed lunch for our efforts. We also receive thanks, and occasionally get some applause. We like the gig. We play without sound equipment, so all we have to do is show up, take out our instruments, tune, and play.

Picture a mid-20th century public elementary school, taken over by Waldorfians. The hard edges of cinderblock and tile are eased by plentiful additions of color and organic materials. The kindergarten room has rocking chairs, a thick rug, and piles of fleeces for young bodies to be comfy on. When you walk in, you wish you were a child again, so you could get to be a student here.

The Faire is extensive. Each classroom has a different activity, or a different set of vendors. The cafeteria sells lunch food. Another room has drinks and goodies. Candlemaking is an option. This classroom smells of hot wax, as a parade of youthful dippers proceeds, with their wicks, from waxpot to waxpot. Some of the candles are straighter than others. I saw one child making a spiral candle.

In another room is a graham cracker Levittown.

As you come in the door, scores of these little prefabs are laid out on tables at the end and edges of the room. In the center of the space are decorating supplies, with busy young contractors, applying finishing touches to their individual units. The air is redolent with sugar.

Here is a neighborhood of finished houses.

Isn’t this sweet?

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