Should thetompostpile Live or Die?

With increasing insistence, WordPress is sending me notices that my allocation of memory is almost full.

For thetompostpile to continue to exist, more memory must be purchased.

Should this cheap Yankee buy more memory, and continue blogging?


The Cheap Yankee awaits a response from readers.

25 responses to “Should thetompostpile Live or Die?

  1. I always really look forward to your wonderful posts. Continue! When I find a job I can chip in. Right now, times are VERY tough for me.

  2. Well, I like reading your ramblings! And seeing your photos and drawings. I like reading your postings on FB and listening to you in person, too. Should I charge you for listening bandwidth next time we meet?

  3. How much do you enjoy the blogging, the creation of story or prose, the addition of photography to illustrate your written thread? Is it a hobby? Is it a pleasure? Is it ever an obligation? I don’t read every entry, but I have enjoyed all of what I have read. I think the audience may reinforce your decision by joining or adding, thoughtfully and on good days, energetically, but, ultimately, I hope you write and illustrate this blog for your own reasons, for your own creative satisfaction. If it doesn’t grow corn for you, yes, find another field; but if continuing adds air to your breath, don’t deny yourself fresh, clean air.

  4. i enjoy the photos, the philosophy, the word play, the nuggets of knowledge. perhaps what i enjoy most of all is the quiet, gentle nature of the blog. i would miss it if you decided to stop publishing, but i would understand. sometimes things begin as a pleasure, and then transition to a duty, and ultimately a burden. in the end, the decision should be yours—does the blog still bring you joy? your readers would likely empathize should you find that the pleasure is not sufficient to justify the expense and effort.

  5. Adele has a good point and from what I can see, creating your blog does feed your soul. I love reading it and love seeing you create it. If it’s too much, an option is to write less frequently – every other day, once a week, etc. My vote is to keep on creating.

  6. Is there an option of cleaning house, ie deleting some items that you are through with thereby creating “space” that you wouldn’t have to pay for? It is always a pleasure to hear from you, your particular blend of insight and humor with the accompaniment of illustration makes for a frequent treat! Lizzy

  7. Hello Tom! I value “traveling” with you to all the places you bring us and show us – your luxuriant garden, the shores, beaches, and towns of the Vineyard, the ferries that are its lifeline, to distant places, and family and friends who nurture your soul. I, for one, read and savor each entry of the Tompostpile! If continuing to write it fits in your budget and is fulfilling to you, it will continue to find an audience at this email address! Love, David

  8. Well, farmer Tom, your victuals nourish me, and I chow down on a regular basis, so would be a sorry skinny mess were you to pull up roots and discontinue. But, as others have expressed, while I would mourn the demise of your pile, I would find a way to reconcile the loss.

  9. Dear Tom, I hope you can find a way to keep this unique blog going. Understand about the costs & time invested, though. I’m very grateful for everything you’ve published so far. Thanks!

  10. I have five blogs on Blogger (powered by Google) and use plenty of GB but have never been advised I’m running out of space and need to purchase more. Never heard of this on Blogger. A great thing about Blogger is, any word I type into my blog is picked up by the search engines. I love Blogger. The thing is, if you enjoy blogging, as you clearly do, who cares what others think, and why deprive yourself of something that gives you so much pleasure? One way around the photo/storage issue is to use a third party for photo storage and link to the photos from your blog, that way you won’t use up your bandwidth with your photos.

  11. oh you praise seeking self centered farmoholic islandblind halt, lame,and generally beleagured (however its spelled) english mongering dog of the imperialist lackeys, what do you mean stop? Of course you must continue!!!

  12. Keep blogging!! FWIW, I just hit 4% of my WordPress quota. I post lots of photos. Are you reducing the resolution of your photos before you post them? 72 dpi is fine for Web use. If you’re posting 150 or 300 dpi, that may be what’s eating up your space.

  13. Well as you’ve been Freshly Pressed, I think that just goes to show you that this blog should LIVE! I just discovered you so I hope I get to see more posts in the very near future! 🙂

    • So it would seem. If you’ve signed up for notifications, you’ll have something new every few days. And there are plenty of older posts. Thanks for your positive comments…

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