Election Day Diversion: A Pictorial Museum of Sights Seen.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. If you are a registered voter in the US of A, and have not yet voted, please stop reading, and go vote

Only then may you return to this diversionary dozen of “miscellaneous”.

They are images that have caught this photographer’s eye in the last six months or so…

Post-Halloween fire hydrant, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Rippled altocumulus clouds over Vineyard Haven Harbor.

Post-Sandy self portrait on the shore of Tisbury Great Pond.

Vermont College of the Fine Arts. An air-conditioning system installation. “Kludge” is the modern adjective for such uncraftsmanlike work. A friend of mine suggests that this is actually an “Artwork”, inspired by the architecture of the Centre Georges Pompidou, Beaubourg, Paris, France. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Centre_Georges_Pompidou

Maynard Silva bunny, from Martha’s Vineyard tour bus. “Leslie” is a classmate of ours. She drove tour buses for many years.

5:15 PM. Early August.
New England spider has fly for “suppa”.

An ancient and venerable elbow. Seen in the viewing stands, watching the skillet toss, at the annual Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Cattle Show and Fair.

Double “Opalka” paste tomato.

After an unexpected storm, we have a “rent tent rent”.

That’s “woodpecker”, in japanese.
Aleatorially arranged, these are raptor meal orts, as seen in an Oyster Pond-side Japanese garden, Quissett area, between Woods Hole and Falmouth.

Self-portrait with hand, legs and Fuji the Dog.

The last photo is of a dozen.

A dozen in the Vineyard Haven ferry terminal parking lot.

You ask, “How can “4” be a dozen?”

Look at the layers.

There are three of them.

Three times four is twelve, isn’t it?


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