Pictures from Sandy, 2012

We took a walk in the middle of the afternoon, three generations of us, to see if the road was passable. The youngest, well, he’s pretty near the fastest, and it takes some doing to keep up with him.

He lacks neither spark nor personality.

The winds had been blowing pretty well. We ventured out later in the evening to have supper with the Young People down the road. On the way, we saw how one of the swamp maples along the edge of the road had gotten pretty well ripped up. Consider the force and leverage necessary to rend maple right down to its fibers.  That’s, as the old rock and rollers use to say, “A whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on…”

Remarkably, on the Vineayrd, only a few trees were taken out by the storm.

Other places were not so lucky.

Later on that night, J. and I went down to see, by moonlight, what was going on. There are a few pictures from that trip, but they will be in another post.

The next morning the wife and I went to see what had happened during the rest of the night. Here is the parking area. Usually, it’s a dry place. I’ve never before seen this much water here. Judging by the wrack line, the water had been a good deal higher.

The lowland meadow was awash. An unexpected effect of the storm was an earthworm die-off. Dead worms were everywhere, driven to the surface and then drowned in the salt water. Millions of worms in the flooded outwash plains met their death in this storm.

Debris covered parts of the walkway.

To the west of the walkway, we saw something in the sky.

That’s a good sign to see when floodwaters are receding.

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