Sandy’s Monday Morning Splish Splash, October 29, 2012

Monday morning. Drismal. Up at first light, and on the way to see what’s happening at the beach.

The turkeys on the road didn’t seem very cheerful.

At the beach, you can still tell that the walkway boards have recently been removed.

One of the functions of the walk boards is to protect the roots of the beach grass, which knit the dunes together. Well-knitted dunes resist wave action better than plain sand.

Out on Black Point Pond, the northeast gale makes whitecaps.

Where we walked yesterday morning, bringing in the rescue buoys, was now waves and foam.

In the morning high tide, washover has begun in the low spots between dunes.

With the high tide and strong waves, the storm’s erosive power takes hold.

Waves eating at the base of the dunes.

As the dune base disappears, cracks show at the dune tops. Section after section will drop into the wash of the surf.

The variation of wave forms, as they crash, cross, and collide, seems infinite.

We’ll let the waves speak for themselves.

We’ll close with some old-fashioned black-and-white.

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