Sandy Preparations, October 28, 2012

The 28th brought no sun dogs, no sun rings, no lunar rings. The weather was hazy, the sky was lowering, and wind was a steadily increasing breeze from the northeast.

Sandy’s early clouds.

Part of this day was devoted to storm preparations on the Cape. Time to take the ferry over to The Main. Vineyard Sound had steady traffic. Fishing boats were returning to New Bedford, to wait out the storm in the harbor, behind the hurricane barrier.

Deepwater lobster boat, “McKinley”. You need that hydraulic arm to haul that heavy gear up from the bottom.Look at the side, all banged up and rusty from gear whacking the ship.

Iberia II. Built in the late 70’s or early 80’s, and showing her age….

Heading home…..

Into Woods Hole.

Wind-tousled hair as we enter Woods Hole. What kind of word is “tousle”, anyway? It’s from an Old English verb that means “to pull roughly”.

Seal, basking on Woods Hole rock, seems unconcerened.

Storm preparations were underway at the Oceanographic Institution. Big trucks and heavy machinery was going here and there, anything loose was being taken away or tied down. The Atlantis II had extra lines attached to the dock.

Atlantis II at dock.

Preparing for a storm is a good idea.

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