Part the Third: Creatures of the No’thard and No’thwestard

We arrived at Montpelier, the small city with the golden dome.

It’s really nice to see a capitol dome set against a treeclad mountain slope. Montpelier is a really, really, small city. The 2010 population was 7,855, which is less than the combined population of Tisbury and Edgartown.

Small is beautiful

We’re here to see one of our young replacements.

He’s small, too, and is beautiful.

Here he is, with his paw…

The Boy and the Cat

The next day was a free day to explore.  I had confessed to having never seen the far northwest of Vermont. So we went off to the no’thwestard.

Along the way we saw some whales.

This sighting was a fluke.

One ostensible purpose of the trip was to visit the big city of Burlington. We’re pretty sure we got there, because we saw a big building with “BURLINGTON” written on it.  And here’s a photo to prove it. 

We didn’t think we’d see anything stranger than whales, but Burlington proved us wrong. Burlington gave us flying monkeys.

Later, we saw the gable end of this building. What an alive city.

This has got to look really neat at nighttime, when floodlit.

Burlington is inhabited by 42,417 people, as of the 2010 census. That’s over five times the population of Montpelier. But wait! There’s more! The Burlington “greater  metro” area has over 208,000 people. That’s one third of the population of Vermont.

We had a truly fine lunch at a restaurant, where we ate and drank only Vermonty things. Vermont tastes very, very good. After lunch we strolled down to Lake Champlain. What a glorious body of water.

We saw no whales.

Lake Champlain. I guess it’s called that because if it were land it would be a real plain.

Many interesting sights were seen on the streets of Burlington.

Don’t worry.

The man escaped.

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