The Islanders Take a Trip to the No’thard, Part the Second, from Zakim to Avenger.

Our speed did not taper off after we crossed the Zakim Bridge.

But, TAPER did appear on a random to-the-side-of-the-road photo. The plants against the sound barrier wall looked interesting. I pointed the camera toward  the wall, and took a half dozen shots. This image has a certain charm, so let’s give some thanks to the gods of Random for their aleatory generosity. What’s going on here. Someone’s name? Someone’s profession?

Fall colors began to appear at roadside.

We had definitely arrived in England…New. The truck next to us said so.

Once we left Massachusetts, we stopped for fuel. The house next to the gas station had a glorious tower, with wonderful decorative slate shingle work on each face. That’s craftsmanship of a high order.

In front of us at the gas station was a vehicle with a ferocious name.

We hoped there was not someone shut in the trunk.


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