Angles on the WHMV&NSSA (The Vineyard Ferry)

There’s plenty to see, on and around the ferries that daily cross Vineyard Sound, shuttling from Woods Hole to the Island.

Every boat is different. For some reason, the SSA has always gone back to square one when adding to their fleet. Consequently, the SSA fleet is a quirky collection of craft.

The SSA is a construction of angles. There’s not much “natural” to be found. The boats are metal, and while they have some curves, much of a vessel is angles. Docks, and reinforcing are full of angles.

Angles. The piles that support this “bumper” in Vineyard Haven angle out in all directions, to better absorb the impact of the ferries as they enter the slip.

Here’s a shot of a ferry as it comes in to the dock in Woods Hole. More angles.

Rail angles. Anchor pocket angles. Doorway angles.

Angles at the dock.

Angles at the Oak Bluffs Terminal dock. The new handicap-accessible rampways for embarking and debarking are full of angles and switchbacks.

Angles at the dock in Woods Hole.

Old walkway and storage shed at the Woods Hole dock. The person who made wrote the copy for that sign must be a big fan of the double negative.

Enough angles.

Here’s another angle on how to make the crossing.

You want more angles? The last letter of the alphabet is all angles.

One response to “Angles on the WHMV&NSSA (The Vineyard Ferry)

  1. Great post. Your theme reminds me of the geometry classes I took in high school. I’ve been riding the SSA ferries since I was a kid, and you are correct; as the old ones are retired, they seem to be replaced with vessels of a similar motif. However, my all-time favorite ferry was the “Islander”. She sailed in all types of inclement weather and always got us there safely. I could be mistaken, but I believe her attributes were more rounded than angled.

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