Crows at Church

I walked by the Catholic Church in Vineyard Haven the other morning.

Our Lady of the Quartz Rocks, Catholic Church, Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

Crows seem to favor this part of Vineyard Haven. You often seen them here, in the air. Crows are amazing fliers. Even on the windiest of days you can see them, playing in the gusty sky, moving with strength and turn-on-a-dime agility.

If you take the time to listen, most of the time there’s cawing, somewhere. You see them in trees, on buildings, even poking around in the streets.

One was perched on the cross at the top of the roof. Naturally, it was gone by the time I got the camera set. But the photo was nice enough, even without a crow.

Soon afterwards, crow came back.

To survey his little Town by the Sea.


One response to “Crows at Church

  1. I read somewhere that crows can count, but only to six. A farmer who wanted to reduce his crow population discovered this with the help of some friends. One man would enter the blind with a shotgun, and the crows would fly off. When the man left, the crows came back. Two men would enter the blind. The crows would fly off. One man would leave. Still no crows. The second man would leave, and the crows came back. And so it went until seven men entered the blind and six left. At this point, the crows lost count, and came back. Ker-blam!

    I think I may have this crow gene. I am now taking seven pills. As long as I was taking six pills, I had no trouble keeping them straight. Now that I have seven, I have a tendency to lose track. Caw! Caw!

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