Pluralism’s Ort

A short rant.

Botheracious, it is, that so many people seem to think that to make the singular plural you have to add an apostrophe. Where does this conceit come from????

So many apostrophe’s, so little time!

There are times when I want to carry marker and white-out with me, to wage war on the proliferation of apostrophizers, who make misapostrophized poster and signs throughout our Fair Land.

Were I cleverer, I would retire to the lab, where I would invent a ‘bot, that would scour stores and malls and bulletin boards, to remove those extraneous marks. Were I a recombinant DNA genius, perhaps an apostrophage bacterium would do the job.

Why the rant?

In the email a few days ago was the following “nugget”.


Is this Mr. Nugget Hop and his vine, that we see in the photo?

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