Get Around. Get a Round-O.

Looking around at the files of recent photos, the ‘pile noticed a number of round photos.

Button button, who’s got the button?

Round, in that the subject was circular in some way.

What kind of coffee do I have? And who thought of this idea? They’re to be congratulated.

Circles are everywhere in nature. Look to the disc of the sun, or of the full mOOn.

The mushroom came before the umbrella. Did the inventor of the umbrella see a mushroom and go “Aha!”?

In carpenter gothic, the circle is home to squirrel. Sometimes to alligator.

Concentric acorn top circles.

Circles may be found at the bottom of a pond. Like this frisbee. Oops—overthrow!

Text on frisbee reads: “Like rotting horsemeat in the stomachs of foreigners”. Now there’s a mystery for you.

The convex mirror is an excellent place to get circular.

Returning from a group stroll.

May your road go ever long ahead,

And may you get a round tuit.

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