Is it Fair? Peeks from a Potluck and a Dance

Our Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Fair was once held in the fall, and not in late summer, as is the case in current years. The MV Agricultural Society holds our annual Fair in the second half of August. Full Summer.

One reason for the summer timing is to better extract the wallet contents of summer visitors and tourists. Another manifestation of the financial focus of our fair is that a few years back, the duration of the event was increased by a third (the first “long” Fair was a makeup attempt, because of a washout rain day), when Sunday was added. Now we have the four-day fair.

Not that the Fair isn’t a Truly Grand Event, and not that it isn’t Big Fun, but the bigness (and costliness) of our modern fair can wear a body out. And can empty the body’s wallet, too.

In defense of empty wallets, the MVAS does a great deal of good with the lucre that piles in every year. The grounds are maintained, fair traditions are continued, jobs are created, and scholarship money is accumulated, and doled out.

Last weekend, the Fairgrounds hosted a “Living Local Harvest Festival”.

Smalls and Bigs had a good time. So what if it wasn’t sunny.

Photo by Avia

If fate hands you an ear of corn, eat it.

Jim Athearn’s lifework. Morning Glory Farm corn.

Between three and five in the afternoon, the Hall was emptied, exhibits and booths were removed, and second setup began. Tables and chairs came out, and so did the sound equipment of the Flying Elbows. Hundreds of people arrived for a biiig potluck supper.

This was just one half of the crowd at the Hall.

After the meal, in the central space in the hall, grownups and kids assembled. The first dance was a “London Bridge” style mixer.

Arches up?

The kids are ready, too!

You betcha!

A good time was had by all.


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