Magenta Gingerbread for the H3ll’s Angels?

In the Campground may be found nonprimary colours.

Hot ones.

Like magenta.

On our walk through the warren of paths and roads that link cottages in Oak Bluffs, we turned a corner, and saw magenta through a porch rail, hot as an oven heating element, shining in a porch railing.

A “Wow” moment, even in a crowded assemblage of structures whose main purpose sometimes seems to be to jostle and to elbow each other with color.

The upper porch of the cottage echoed the lower porch railing.

Those cutouts are interesting. These are curves that you don’t often see in the Campground.

The negative space is like a batwing, upside-down cross.

Has Gothic Spooky invaded the Methodists’ stronghold?

You could use this motif for a Heavy Metal Rock and Roll Band.

Or put the shape on your motorcycle helmet.

What’s the name of the group?

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