Oak Bluffs is Green, Too…

Our last take on Oak Bluffs was blue.

Leftovers, our last shreds of blue are frayed tarp fluff, from an alley off Circuit Avenue.


To Oak Bluffs blue, let’s add some Oak Bluffs yellow, from a campground garden.


From this mixing, we’ll get to the Oak Bluffs green scene.


Green gables…


Green-trimmed gable. The scallop shell seems anachronistic, somehow. I think it was added recently.


How do you choose what colors to paint your Campground cottage? That would be a good future blog topic.

I used to want my cabin in the woods to be like these houses, with exuberant trim, and extravagant colors. But I’m not so sure any more. One of the reasons these places work so well is that there are so many of them, all in one place. Their mutual presence sets up a whole conversation, where the solitary example, off in the woods, is just somebody whistling. Like the falling tree, does anyone even hear it?


Here is a dignified use of green trim. Again, the enquiring mind wants to know…why this color green?Image

One of my life regrets is that when I was a house painter in my earlier life, I never painted a Campground Cottage. A house painter can tire of monochromaticism, and often longs to indulge in a good color binge…


Oh, for some nice pots of color, some gingerbread, and a high-quality, brand-new, inch-and-a-half black bristle sash brush!

Thank you, Oak Bluffs, for all your green.

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