Some Blues in the Bluffs

Oak Bluffs.

The Town that gets its “S” shifted by thousands of well-meaning tourists.

Oaks Bluff.


It’s enough to make an Oak Bluffsite, Oak Bluffish, Oak Bluffsian, or Oak Bluffser, blue.

But you can do nice things with blue.

You can frame the top of Union Chapel with it.

Union Chapel. The little rise that the chapel is built on has a name. “Chapel Hill”.

You can go to the park, and admire the sky there, too.

Let’s go have some gingerbread.

Also known as “carpenter gothic”. Oak Bluffs is so full of carpenter gothic that to really appreciate the variety of forms, manifestations, and details would take you weeks of walking about and looking.

Let’s go take in a few gables in the Campground, shall we?

Some are simple.

Some are less simple.

Some get pretty complicated. The variety feels endless.

Respectfully submitted,

Your photographer….

2 responses to “Some Blues in the Bluffs

  1. You have done some very nice things with blue, here. I have noticed, from my vantage point in Goffstown (a place tourists and other nonlocals tend to mistaken the name for Gosstown, or GOPtown or even Gophstown), that Nature herself has conspired with you to intensify the niceness, these things with blue. That is often her way, in late Summer, in early Autumn, when the particularly golden light of angular Sun plays tricks with cerulean skies, creating a tromp l’oeil for the season. In your photographs, this time, it is as if you are cast in the role of the magician’s assistant: in the know, yet acting superbly that you know not what to expect. “Surprise!” And the collective jaws of audience drop in wonder. Applause sounds like thunder. Or bowling.

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