A Helianthian Silhouette, or Will the Alien Plant Invasion Destroy the Planet Earth?

I never did figure our where to put a few of the images taken for the helianthus posts. So here is a photo that refused to fall all the way to the cutting room floor.

Sunflower silhouette.

There’s something about a big-headed sunflower that always reminds me of a science fiction book I read at least a half a dozen times when I was a kid. Title? “The Day of the Triffids”, by “John Wyndham”.

Alien plants threaten to take over the world! Never read it? Try it sometime.

“John Wyndham” is in quotation marks because the writer’s real name was one of those impossibly long British handles. The full name was John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris.

Maybe you’ll get drawn into reading some of JW’s other books. “Re-Birth” (English title was “The Chrysalids”) was another one of his titles. Kantner, of the Jefferson Airplane, without attribution, lifted sentences wholesale from this book, to insert into the song “Crown of Creation”.

Digression: tidbit from wiki: “The song was previously rejected for release by Crosby’s group, The Byrds, as being too ‘risqué’ “.


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