Visit to a Far Corner Helianthus


The sunflower.

Over the last few days, I’ve been visiting a large-bloomed sunflower that came up on its own, off in a far corner, near the end of the tomato row. There are always a few sunflowers in the Wishetwurra Farm Garden. Some are planted on purpose, but others just show up, here and there.  Gardeners have a name for these plants that spring up by themselves. That name is “volunteer”.

Here’s the center.

The florets are packed tightly into the disc of the flower.

As the flower matures, individual florets detach, and expose the double spiral pattern of new seeds.

The increasing weight of the maturing flower head pulls what was once up, down. The base of the bloom becomes a roof, and shelters the developing seeds.

On the new roof was a crab spider, enjoying a meal.


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