September Tooth Olio

The ‘pile has been inactive for the last few days. Sorry about that.

“Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit”, in case you missed saying that yesterday

Labor Day Weekend period is the “traditional” end of Summer on Marvellous Martha’s Vineyard, and there’s a lot that goes on. Life is as full as a basket of ripe tomatoes.

These tomatoes ended up in the dehydrator, and now, almost featherlight, await winter.

What goes on? Gardening, hauling manure and planting cover crops, putting food by, visiting family “Away”, music rehearsals and gigs, some babysitting, a little kayak trip, occasional camera sessions, kitchen time, and once in a while, a nap. Relatively little time for ‘piling.

Passing through Vineyard Haven recently, we saw this:

Look at this long enough to enjoy the newly striped parking lot.

Now it’s time to take a ride on the boat to Olio Island.

First, check under the dock.

Under the Oak Bluffs ferry pier.

Vineyard Sound is a busy place.

Vineyard Sound traffic. Ferry and otherwise.

Ferry wake.

Nook on the ferry. An old office chair is a fine place ta crewmember o pass those thirty travel minutes of each trip when nothing much happens. The boat’s electrical umbilical cord lies nearby, to be connected to shore power after the last trip of the day, when the vessel powers down for the night. By the look of the chair seat, someone just got up and went somewhere else.

The recess on the side of the ferry where you find the emergency inflatable boat is a great place to tuck a resin lawn chair. It’s no place to pass the time in January, but what a perfect spot for a summer break.

How to enjoy the time you must pass during the passage.

The full Blue Moon of the last few nights has been wonderful.

The Blue Moon rises over the West Falmouth, MA harbor.

Thanks for oliating.


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