Miscellany Madness, or An Olio from the Fair.

Fairgrounds trash barrels collect many different items.

Crosswords puzzle fans know the word “olio”. It means a miscellaneous mixture, or a hodgepodge. The word is related to the Spanish “olla”, which is a big pot. Into which you throw a bunch of things. You food lovers will know of the dish “olla podrida”, a Spanish stew, based on pork and beans and just about anything else that can capture the inclusive imagination of an Iberian chef. If it’s handy, stir it in!

A hanging quilt, in the main hall. A rainbow of color. What is the rainbow but an olio of hues?

Word ingredients in the mulligan stew of “miscellany” synonyms are an irregular lot, and include: collection, combination, goulash, burgoo, hash, jumble, mishmash, mélange, patchwork, potpourri, and salmagundi. Salmagundi is a right nifty word, with literary ancestry. The French culinary word “salmigondin” was coined by Rabelais. Rabelais was fond of long strings of words, including adjectives. He was an inventive writer of astonishing power. Let’s call him a salmagundian wordsmith. Put him on your reading list for next winter.

Now we continue to the images that make up this Olio from the Fair.

This young women would be horrified to think of these beautiful animals as Seum Sin Kuai. She might not feel quite as bad if she were Laotian.

Side view of 1850 pound draft horse mare.

Animal Barn Horsetail

Main Hall inside horsetail

If you have to wear a hair shirt, this one’s pretty stylish.

Salt and Vinegar at the edge of the woodsman’s contest fence.

A chip off the old block at the woodsman’s contest.

Chip-limned spectator at the Woodsman’s Contest.

Richie Olsen prepares for another pull with his 1931 Ford Doodlebug.

Outside, the sun begins to set, and inside the hall, a shaft of rose tinted light finds bonsai.

O Last Day of the Fair, your name is “Tired”.




mixture, mess
Synonyms: collectioncombination, goulash, hash, jumble,medley, miscellany, mishmash, mixed bag,mélange, olio, patchwork, potpourri, salmagund

There are still some shareworthy images from the Fair.

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