Celestial Woo-Woo at the Skillet Toss

Celestial Woo-Woo was brewing overhead.

At three o’clock in the afternoon of the last day of the MV Agricultural Society Cattle Show and Fair comes the Ladies’ Skillet Throwing Competition. At 2:59PM, the bleachers are full, and spectators line the fence around the enclosure where the contest takes place.

The regulation throwing skillet weighs three pounds, eleven ounces, or one and two-thirds kilograms. Each contestant gets two throws. No practice throws are allowed. The throwing ground is approximately twenty feet wide, and about eighty feet long. A fluorescent orange strip marks the foul line. Your feet may not cross that line during or after your throw. Down the length of the throwing ground is a white measuring tape. Your throw must be as exactly down this line as possible. Any deviation from this line, at the landing point of your skillet, will be subtracted from the distance of your toss, so accuracy is important.

Rose awaits her turn.

The Length of throws made during the afternoon ranged from under ten to over fifty feet.

Some contestants wore old style dresses, in honor of bygone days.

There are many ways to throw a skillet.

A good toss is a thing of beauty, and can cover appreciable distance.

Ashley Medeiros, age 23, threw the longest throw of the competition at 54 feet, 10 inches. She has won this contest before, and will probably win future skillet tosses.

You can find the airborne skillet?

Subdramas abound. In the next few photos, a daughter throws in honor of her father.

The Official Throwing Skillet is received. Dad (yellow T-shirt) watches.

The wind-up.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs up! A very good throw!

It is now time to set you up, dear reader, for the Celestial Woo-Woo to come.

In which young Rose prepares for her Throw.

So what about this celestial Woo-Woo?

In the minutes before the contest began, some clouds formed to the southwest of the Fairgrounds. Only a few, properly placed and properly aware folks on the northern bleachers even saw what happened. But the camera was ready, and the machinations of chance were captured.

Those inclined to belief in magic, things “cosmic” or in coincidence, will find delight in that celestial arrangement .

Mother Nature prepares for the skillet throwing competition.


5 responses to “Celestial Woo-Woo at the Skillet Toss

  1. What a wonderful scene, and so glad you caught the image, that skillet hurler modeled in the sky!

  2. Never saw the gals dressed up so fancy before..but then again, I haven’t seen the skillet toss in eons. Love the celestial tosser in the sky.

  3. Thomas you are an amazing thoughtful photographer (and person) thank you for getting these shots of Michelle and John. It says more than you know. Could you send me the pictures so I can print them? Perhaps I can extract them from fb.

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