Early August: Things Seen On and From the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry

Our ferry “lifeline” carries a lot of life in August.

Today’s post is a series of images from a recent trips across Vineyard Sound.

Shadow of ferry railing on Vineyard Haven SSA “tent” dockside shelter.

A big dockside tent shelter popped up during the heady days following 9-11. The “homeland security” deluge of money was phenomenal, and since no bureaucracy can turn down an influx of cash, we got these crazy tents and other sorts of security swag.

The dock’s nooks and crannies provide shelter for a pigeon population. The patch of sun comes through a hole where one of the the tent tops has come off.

The tents were ordered and installed so hastily that little thought was given to what happens when regular steel is used in a salty and corrosive atmosphere.

Rust. The slow fire that consumes elemental iron. Ever try putting a match to fine steel wool? Better yet, have you ever seen it done in a pure oxygen environment?

Vineyard Sound is a busy place on an August weekend day.

Yahoos cavort in their stinkpots.

There are some expensive toys out on the water.

There are some really, really, expensive toys out on the water. My personal opinion is that this is a boat with “HUF”. That’s “High Ugliness Factor”. My next motor yacht will be an impeccably restored craft from the nineteen twenties, thank you very much. Those were beautiful boats.

What is it that makes us love images diffused by mists?

Sailboat in the fog.

There are vessel that have more than funtime as their main purpose. Here are two.

Oceanographic research vessels “Falkor” and “Knorr” at the WHOI dock.

At dockside, Big Brother and Panopticon await you.

Another legacy of 9/11.

That funny thing on the camera support, the thing that looks like a jellyfish, or a critter floating in the air in the movie “Avatar”? Those arced wires with weights on the tips bob around in the wind, to discourage birds from landing there.

You don’t want seagull poop on your surveillance equipment.


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