Musings on a Die Side.

“Hey, Poppa Tom, get out here! There’s a photo-op in the sandbox!”

Grab camera. Go outside.

We have a little  four foot square sandbox in the yard.

There were five small cousins in the sandbox.

All of them are boys.

Digression: there’s a nifty numerical word, referring to the arrangement of “pips” on a die. The word refers to the arrangement of a single dot inside a square of four dots. It’s the pattern that many people refer to as a “five spot”.

So what’s the nifty word?


Quincunx was first taught to me by the young son of a good friend. The quincunx was originally a small coin, from about 200 BC. Wouldn’t a Scrabble player adore to be able to play these letters, with this word, especially if some of the tiles are placed on extra-score squares? Thomas Edison, flush with the elation of having invented a tattooing machine, had a quincunx inked upon his forearm.

End of digression. Back to the sandbox.

In this arrangement, there are 3.2 square feet per cousin.

Allow me to present the quincunx of cousins.


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